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Driving safety

All parents, teachers, and community members should be familiar with the driving rules in and around Shipley's Choice Elementary School and the Shipley's Choice community. Please take the time to make sure that you and anyone dropping off or picking up your children are familiar with this important information.

Do not park or drop off children in the front driveway.

All cars must be parked in designated parking spaces.

Cars should NEVER pull into the bus lanes.

Car Loop

Morning Drop-off:

When dropping off students in the morning, please pull your vehicle up as far as you can go toward the end of the car loop so that more vehicles behind you will be able to drop off students at the same time. Please do not "stop short" in front of the entrance.

Afternoon Pick-up:

When picking up students, please pull all the way forward. The students will be dismissed 6 vehicles at a time. Please remind students to stay on the sidewalk until all the vehicles have completely stopped. 

Crossing Guards

Crossing guards are on duty before and after school at 3 locations around the community.  In addition a school-designated guard is on duty at the cross walk in the school parking area.  Teach your children to follow the instruction of the crossing guards.

Parking Lot

Be sure your children are not walking through the parking lot unattended. They should be with an adult at all times.


Walkers have the right of way in a crosswalk.  Slow down as you approach crosswalks and be prepared to stop.


Buses are the only vehicles permitted to drop-off and pick-up in front of the school.

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