SCES PTA has moved!

The SCES PTA (Exec Board, Board of Directors, and other PTA members present) unanimously voted Tuesday, September 13th, to transition right away from WildApricot, our current notification system, to ParentSquare (PS) for our SCES PTA business.

Why are we making this change? The PTA has too many modes of communicating information to and from members, which has led to message overload and miscommunication at times.

The PTA’s move to PS should simplify things for us, as PS offers virtually the same, or even better (notifications go out quicker), functionality. With this change the PTA will use the same system as SCES, which has already begun using PS. Other schools in our area, like Folger McKinsey, have been using PS for some time -- with extremely favorable results.

PS also provides flexibility, with admin rights for our PTA committee chairs, and provides the additional benefit of using the same two-way parent/teacher communication system used by SCES. Additionally, users can choose their preferred notification method by either real-time text, email, or a single email summary.

Personal information is only used by PS to facilitate communications between SCES, PTA, and parents/guardians. Information stored is secured using industry standards and is fully compliant with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Maryland’s Student Data Privacy Act of 2015. PS’s privacy policy state the following:

“Your account information is on a secured server behind a firewall. We utilize encryption/security software to safeguard the confidentiality of personal information we collect from unauthorized access or disclosure and accidental loss, alteration or destruction.”

For more information, the PS privacy policy can be found at this link:


PS is intuitive to use. Help is available, though, if you need it from the PTA’s Web Master. If you haven't already signed up for PS, please do so as soon as possible, by going to https://www.parentsquare.com/signin ; All PTA communications will use PS exclusively starting Tuesday, September 20th.

For those not joining PS, the PTA is working on a system to ensure that you remain well informed about PTA matters.

Please forward questions or concerns about the ParentSquare transition to any member of the PTA Exec Board.

We will be starting on:


The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) promotes and provides a venue where parents, teachers, principals and community members can unite to support and enhance the mission of SHIPLEY'S CHOICE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (SCES) students.

The SCES PTA raises funds and plans a wide variety of activities throughout the calendar year to encourage community involvement for a high quality and positive educational environment for our children.  Whether we are volunteering in classrooms and at school events, fundraising, creating enrichment programs for our students, or advocating on behalf of our students and school, our work has a major impact on many aspects of the SCES student experience.


The PTA provides a setting where parents, teachers, principals and community members can unite to support the mission of the SHIPLEY'S CHOICE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (SCES).

The SCES PTA raises funds to enhance the learning experiences of our children and plans a wide variety of activities throughout the calendar year.

As a member of the PTA, you receive a number of benefits:

  • A direct voice in influencing the decisions that impact school programs
  • Opportunities to be involved in many PTA activities
  • Printed and online access to the school's PTA member directory
  • Access to additional sections of the PTA website which contains the PTA Event Calendar, Volunteer Schedules, School Newsletters, Teacher/Staff Emails, PTA Meeting Minutes and much more.

Register for the PTA here.

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